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Craft Your Cosmic Masterpiece: Transforming Beer Cans into Artistic Marvels!

Craft Your Cosmic Masterpiece: Transforming Beer Cans into Artistic Marvels!

From January to the end of March, embark on an exciting mission that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to channel your inner artist and Stormtrooper enthusiast. Elevate your experience beyond the exquisite taste of our craft beers; it's about converting your empty Stormtrooper Beer cans into mesmerising works of art! 

In the spirit of anticipation and creativity, we are thrilled to announce that both Full Meta Trooper Lager and Emperor Super Session Pale Ale are back in stock, ready to fuel your imaginative journey. 

Full Meta Trooper Lager: A Symphony of Flavours

Picture a hazy, pale, unfiltered lager brewed with rice for a crisp, dry finish. Infused with Wai-iti, Citra, and Bavaria Mandarina hops, this masterpiece tantalises your taste buds. Spanish orange peel in the whirlpool gives it a tangy twist, while gentle dry hopping at the fermentation's end enhances the aroma. 

The result? A light, citrusy, and thirst-quenching lager with a golden pale appearance and a subtle haze. Light malt blends with fresh and zesty citrus aromas, making it the perfect companion for spicy food, burgers, and salads.

Emperor Super Session Pale Ale: A Tapestry of Flavours

Experience a pale golden straw appearance, complemented by Vienna and Carahell malts that add a biscuity flavour. Wai-Iti, Kohatu, Motueka, Rakau, and Nelson Sauvin hops layer tropical fruity notes, creating a rich aroma and a gentle bitter finish. 

This pale ale is a versatile companion, pairing well with a wide range of foods, from meat pies and English cheese to a juicy burger. 

What's Your Creative Quest? 

The challenge is set: unleash your creativity by repurposing our iconic Stormtrooper beer cans. Whether you envision them as droids, blasters, or your unique version of the Imperial Galaxy, the cosmos of creativity is at your fingertips.

We invite you to share your artistic endeavours on social media and tag us in your creations. Your cosmic masterpieces might just inspire others to embark on their imaginative journeys, turning ordinary beer cans into extraordinary pieces of art.

As you sip on Full Meta Trooper Lager or Emperor Super Session Pale Ale, let the force of creativity guide your hands. Each can is not just a vessel for refreshing beverages but a canvas for your artistic expression. Transforming beer cans into works of art is not merely a challenge; it's a celebration of ingenuity and passion. 

So, join us in this cosmic endeavour, and let the galaxy witness the transformation of beer cans into artistic marvels. May the force of creativity be with you!

Tag us in your creations on our social media!
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