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Our craft beer is exclusively produced by an elite garrison of hop shock troops, stationed at Vocation Brewery in Hebden Bridge. One of the UK’s leading craft breweries, they produce beers with a focus on American hops and fruity tropical flavours like citrus, peach, pineapple, grapefruit & mango, with a lingering bitterness set against a smooth malty backbone.

From imperial ales to imperious lagers, our officially licensed, artfully produced – and soon to be legiondary - beers boast impeccable craft credentials, coupled with eye-popping design. So, join The Corps and make the jump to Hyper-Taste with these delicious ales from the darkside.



Support our brave troops in their ongoing fight against the insurgent scum, with this range of high quality, officially licensed merchandise. From imperial spec. nucleated* craft beer glasses to A1 sized hand-screenprinted propaganda posters, spending your galactic credits has never been so much fun or so very vital to the war effort... BREW FOR VICTORY!

*Glassware that has an etched mark on the inside bottom of the glass, is referred to as nucleated. The nucleation point facilitates the release of the beer's carbonation, creating a steady stream of bubbles and maintaining a head on the beer.

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