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Gluten Free Beer

Brewed for Galactic Connoisseurs

Sip on the galaxy's favourite gluten-free beers, straight from the UK. Masterfully crafted, removing gluten without sacrificing flavour!

These Are the Galactic Brews You’ve Been Looking For

Our gluten-free beers are a unique blend of flavoursome hops, passion and a dash of galactic sparkle. Each can is a celebration of the spacefaring sagas of our youths, crafted right here in the UK by award-winning brewers. But it's not just the taste that's out of this world. Our beers are as friendly to your body as they are to your tastebuds, with vegan options also available and every sip bursting with gluten-free goodness.

  • Genuinely Gluten Free: Whether you're coeliac or have a gluten intolerance, you can rest assured our gluten free beer range makes no compromises on taste and quality
  • Brewed in the UK: All our beers are proudly brewed in the UK, ensuring top-quality and authentic taste.
  • Vegan Options Available: We cater to all, with vegan-friendly beers also available in our range.
  • Award-Winning Brewers: Sip on the expertise of specialists noted for their award-winning brewing processes.

What Our Fellow Enlistees Say:

You'll find positive feedback aplenty across the many reviews left from happy customers galaxy-wide, on our TrustPilot profile.

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We deliver our gluten-free craft beer across the UK and Europe. Even better? Get free delivery on orders over £50!

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Don't be Bitter - You CAN Enjoy Delicious Premium Quality Ales!

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