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Vegan Beer

Vegan-Friendly, Imperial Beers

Welcome to the ultimate destination for vegan beer from every corner of the Galactic Empire. Stormtrooper Beer brings you an exciting range of vegan beers that promise a taste of the intergalactic!

Yes, you heard it right, all these outer worldly beers are certified vegan-friendly and are here to satiate the taste buds of every beer-loving vegan sci-fi fan.

Intergalactic Flavours for Vegan Craft Beer Enthusiasts

From vegan pilsner to brown ale, robust pale ales to smooth vegan craft beer, our diverse range has something for everyone. Our beers are expertly brewed in the UK using nothing but traditional malt, barley, hops, water and yeast. Lactose drinkers, these aren't the beers you're looking for. With delicious flavours and gluten-free options also available, our vegan beers are the perfect blend of intergalactic style and earthly sensibilities.

Offering Genuine Choice to Spacefaring Vegans

Those who are used to a plant based diet know the pain of severely limited options in so many facets of life. Whether that's going to a restaurant to be presented with one measly mushroom dish and a wine list you can't touch or heading to the pub for a hearty Sunday roast that ends up missing half the elements. Thankfully Stormtrooper Beer are determined to offer real choice when it comes to vegan beer and that's why our brewers have come up with a selection of flavour filled options whether your preference is for a vegan lager such as our 5% abv Lightspeed Pilsner or you're more of a vegan craft beer fan in which case our Galactic Pale Ale should hit the spot. Vegans have options with Original Stormtrooper Beer.

Free Delivery Across Mainland UK

Get your new favourite vegan beers delivered straight to your doorstep across mainland UK. Plus, enjoy free delivery on orders over £50. Crisp, light and bursting with unique flavours, our beers are a great way to experiment with different styles — all without having to compromise on vegan principles.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Take a look at our many positive reviews from happy customers across the galaxy on TrustPilot.

Get Your Vegan Beer Now

Ready to take a sip of the universe? Click on the button below to start your intergalactic beer journey. Remember, all our vegan beers our brewed with care and love here in the UK with varying volumes of alcohol. From everyday IPA to a weekend special 6.6% New England Pale, we've a vegan ale suitable for every taste.

You might also be interested in our full gluten free beer range, many of which feature in our full vegan beer collection here.

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